The Bachelor — Too little too late?


I am the last person who would’ve ever thought that I would be writing this.

I used to be deep set in my ways. I used to have very strict beliefs that “The Bachelor” franchise was just a bunch of scripted garbage…

How one videographer is helping ISU students find the beauty in themselves

It’s 3 weeks before finals, and Gage Horne gets the job offer of a lifetime.

The original videographer, who had already filmed the entirety of his project to premiere at the Red Cross Heroes event, an annual event in which the American Red Cross of Greater Idaho honors everyday people…

Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons

It is a well-known fact that America has never been the most progressive country especially when it comes to representation. The majority of the media only represents a small portion of the world, such as skinny white woman in shampoo commercials, overly-fit white men in deodorant ads, and sitcoms featuring…

It is not false to claim that humans are social beings. Human beings thrive on the idea of community, and tend to improve in many aspects of their life when they are around friends, family and loved ones. Often times, people will find themselves with heightened and improved mental states…

Kaitlyn Hart

Just trying to become the next Gloria Steinem.

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